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    A work-on is a student selected to become a full voting member of Student Assembly and representative of their class based on the time and effort they contribute to Student Assembly committees and projects.  Each grade has up to four open spots for work-ons…unless the class has 2019too many by combined elections.  The Student Council selects work-ons.  Please check the Student Assembly website, Student Assembly Face Book page, the Main Office, or ask an assembly member for work-on activities.  Also, please take the quick Google survey so we have your contact information.  Please get the link from the work-on page that is under the Assembly website.

    In order for Student Council and Assembly to select who will be named as a work-on for your class, we need to know how you have helped Student Assembly and the number of hours you have contribute. Please include committee meetings you have attended as well as any other ways that you have helped out. If you got paid for the hours you worked, the hours do not count.*


     Return to the main office by Friday, September 28, 2018.
    Student Council will review the applications and get back to you.

    WORK-ON CALENDAR:  Sign up Using Doodle!
    Need 3 for each time slot.   Please sign up using Doodle:
    Here are more work on opportunities:

    Each class will be building/constructing a homecoming float!  This is a good method of gaining hours for your work on application.  Please contact a member of student assembly (Listed on Assembly website) or contact Sue Green via email:  greensu@bcsc.k12.in.us

                         CLASS FLOATS CONTACTS:
    • SENIOR - Sam Russell: 812- 343- 4718
    • JUNIOR  -  Matt Ruehman: 812-447-8402
    • SOPHOMORE - Colvin Iorio: 812-343-7500