•         Medication Guidelines   taking medicine

    When possible, please give your child's medicine at home.
    Students are not to carry medication at school.
    Prescription Medications:
    A prescription medication form must be completed and signed by a physician and
    on file in the nurses office before the medicine will be administered.
    Medicine must be in the original, pharmacy-labeled container.

    Over-the-counter Medications:
    Non-prescription medication requires written permission from the parent or
    guardian. An over-the-counter medication form is available from the school.
    Included must be: Student's name, amount of medication dose, when or
    frequency of dose, and length of time medicine is to be given (for example--
    throughout the school year) Medicine must be in original container.
    **We will only administer a dose which is appropriate for the age and weight
    of the child according to the manufacturers's label.