•                 Too sick for School?        fever

    If your child has the following symptoms, THEY SHOULD NOT BE AT SCHOOL.

    temperature of 100 degrees or more
    No return until temperature under 100 degrees without medicine for the last 24 hours
    VOMITING: vomiting two or more times in 24 hours
    DIARRHEA: two or more episodes of diarrhea in the last 24 hours
    EYES: thick mucus or pus draining from the eye or pink eye (conjunctivitis)
    No return until 24 hours after beginning antibiotic eyedrops
    HEAD LICE: may not return to school until they have been treated and seen by the nurse.
           Bus transportation will be denied until recheck and cleared by school nurse.
    SKIN: unknown rashes or skin lesions (open sores)

    **If your child is diagnosed with strep throat, staph infection, mono, conjunctivitis, fifth’s disease, chicken pox or any other communicable condition, please report this to the school nurse as soon as possible.