• WIDA's Can Do Descriptors
    WIDA's Can Do Descriptors describe how English language learners process and use language for each language domain (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and level of language proficiency by grade level cluster. They are a sampling of the language expectations of English language learners as they travel along the continuum of English language development.

    Can Do Descriptors can be used:
      • as a resource for teachers to develop lessons and units with differentiated language objectives
      • to set language goals with English learners
      • to share with classroom teachers and administrators to describe second language acquisition
      • many more

    For more information about WIDA's Can Do Descriptors and to download the the Can Do Descriptors for your grade level cluster, visit http://www.wida.us/standards/CAN_DOs/.
Last Modified on May 10, 2017