• PAC Notes

    February 19, 2014


    Early Childhood - several of the 2 hour delays are going to be made up for students in the morning early childhood classes on Fridays in March.

    Updates on the Goals from the Continuous Improvement Committee (CIC) - there have been over 300 requests so far this school year for assistance with UDL.  From August 2013 to February 2014, 1,019 people (teachers, teaching assistants, students, parents and IUPUC) in the district have received training on UDL.  We have seen a decrease for requests on individual students and an increase of requests for assistance with improving the learning environment

    Brochure - A draft copy of the special education brochure was shared.  Suggestions were made about changes that could be made.

    Parent survey - This year a parent survey will be sent out to gather feedback. One of the suggestions was to include Information about why the parents should complete the survey, another one was to put the survey on colored paper.

Last Modified on March 27, 2014