• L.C. Schmitt Elementary School Personal Electronic Device Policy for student BYOD


        Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s) have the potential for positive communication and

    enhanced student learning. Along with these benefits come associated risks and possible concerns. Please see the guidelines listed below for students to be approved to bring their own device to school for academic use.


    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Guidelines for Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices


    (1) PEDs include, but are not limited to: laptop computers, net books, iPads or other tablet

    computers, and iPods.  Cellular phones may not be used for BYOD purposes.  Cellular service (3G, 4G, LTE) may not be used while at school.


    (2) All PEDs are brought to school at the user’s own risk. L.C. Schmitt Elementary School or

    school staff members are not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to PEDs.


    (3) No technical support is provided for PEDs at school, including issues related to connecting to the BCSC wireless network.  Users may not charge their device at school, nor may they print. 


    (4) PEDs are limited to staff-authorized educational uses.


    (5) The extent to which learners are allowed to use personal electronic devices (PEDs) in class

    is up to the discretion of individual teachers.


    (6) PEDs with network access must only connect to the BCSC Wi-Fi network (not cellular service.)


    (7) PEDs may only be used for student to student communication (email, texting or telephoning) at any

    time, when authorized by a teacher. Students will not be allowed to share their device with other students.


    (8) Students may only use the camera or video features of PEDs with the consent of a staff member.


    (9) PEDs are subject to all provisions in the district’s Acceptable Use Agreement and L.C.

    Schmitt Elementary School Policies.  These policies can be found on the corporation website and student handbook.


    (10) It is a privilege for students to use their personally owned device at school and this

    privilege can be taken away if students act irresponsibly or violate school policy.


    (11) When unauthorized for use, PEDs are to be kept out-of-sight and turned off.


    (12) Failure to comply with this policy may result in the confiscation of the PED and/or

    disciplinary action.



    I have read and agree to the terms as listed above.



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