• Vocab quiz. Semicolon Project. Punctuation.

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/21/2018
    Last Friday's quiz:
    P3 Isai Quintana
    P9 Evan Shireman
    WWTW 21 - 25 quiz. Use Last name, first name. Use the correct code, please.
    When you finish, sit quietly and read.
    Punctuation Spire  
    Punctuation Spire @ IUPUI
    Project Semicolon uses a semicolon as it's important symbol for mental health. The project uses a semicolon because it is the symbol used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. Project Semicolon explains, "The author is you and the sentence is your life." Project Semicolon is "dedicated to presenting hope and love for those who are struggling with mental illness, suicide, addiction and self-injury", and "exists to encourage, love and inspire".
    Source:  McDonald, Tim (May 6, 2016). "You Are #NotAlone"The Huffington Post. Retrieved April 12, 2017.
    Time to finish punctuation & return graded papers.
    HW: Go outside. Watch the marathon!
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  • Punctuation. WWTW. HW: Quizizz WWTW

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/20/2018

    Review WWTW 20 - 25. Quiz tomorrow.

    5 minute write topic: punctuation!

    Dots and Dashes & Lyrics

    Time to work on tracing, cutting out, and decorating your punctuation marks. Required: period, comma, dash...and more if you have time.

    P9!!!! DESKS back into 211!!!!

    HW: Quizizz. GAME CODE: 833579. Use your last name, first name. Deadline is 9:30 A. M. tomorrow! 

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  • National Punctuation Day!

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/19/2018

    National Punctuation Day! It's a thing!

    Click here.



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  • G docs tabs and tips. HW Study WWTW

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/18/2018

    G docs helpful icons and tips

    1. File tab: Page set up (use this to get writing all on one page)

    2. Edit tab: Find and replace (use this to make corrections quickly and easily)

    3. Insert tab: Image>camera

        Select "Wrap text" to control image placement

    4. Format tab: Align & indent>left, center, right (and justification); Line spacing; Columns

    5. Tools tab: Spelling>underline errors; Word count; Translate document; Voice typing

    6. Add-ons tab: what do you recommend?

    7. Help tab: use as needed

    If time allows, Show and Tell time! paw paws from Brown County. So awesome and special! Here's the folksong about paw paws.  :)

    HW DO IN RESOURCE: study wwtw list 1 - flashcards and TWO games

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  • AIRWays Beginning of Year test

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/18/2018
    I need to collect testing tickets for tomorrow. You will use the same ticket both days.
    Login: Last name, first name. 
    Type the entire student ID as it is on your ticket, with the dashes.
    - We will be on a 2 hr delay schedule after testing. An announcement will dismiss everyone from testing. 
    - Finished? Sit quietly. Draw, write, etc. on scratch paper until ALL are finished. I will let you know when it's ok to read books.
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  • Comp. book analysis. WWTW. Update bookmarks.

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/17/2018
    P6 Midterms report due tomorrow - blue tickets are waiting! 
    READ time tomorrow - switching with Mrs. Kennedy this week.
    10 minutes with composition books
    First, look back over your writing so far. Select one that represents your best work. Put a big star and an A+ at the top of the page.
    Now select one that could be better. Put a smiley face on the top of that page and write "I can do better!"
    Finally, find the writing that has the highest word count. Put a big #WORDCOUNT! at the top of this page. 
    Time remaining: write about whatever you want. 
    As I'm able and time allows, I'll be looking over your composition books with you (25 points)
    WWTW 21 - 25: Syn, Sym = together; tri = three; un = not; intra = within
    Chromebooks. How to clean up bookmarks.
    Time to work on stories. *Share to me with doc title: Story.* (1 point)
    No cbs home tonight. No hw. :)
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  • Log ins. Voc quiz. Mindlfulness. Narratives.

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/14/2018


    LOG INS!
    All middle school student's network grace logins have been reset to 10. If you did NOT change your password, you MUST do so today. Failure to reset this password will result in getting locked out of network resources, including It's Learning.
    If you have successfully reset your password you can disregard, there is no reason to reset again.
    No student should be using their student id+bcsc as their password. If you are, you have not successfully reset your password.
    Use your Chrome web browser and go to the students.bcsc.k12.in.us bookmarks folder, and click on the Change Password link. Follow the steps on the screen.
    You can also follow the instructions here.


    5 minute write - any topic...or mindfulness


    WWTW list #1, 16 - 20 (10 points) join.quizizz.com: Last name, first name.

     After you finish the quiz.................................

    Work on stories! Consider changing the point of view, using an epistolary technique--add a letter, text message, diary entry, illustration, so on

    You should have shared your story to me yesterday. Doc title: STORY


    HW Go out and play this weekend. Limit screen time.

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  • Writing narratives. Having conferences. HW: 3 paragraphs on story

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/13/2018
    Last Friday wwtw quiz
    P6 B. York, A. Jones (p3); A. Lozano (P9)
    Interest in preferred seating? 
    AIRWays test next week on Tuesday & Wednesday
    P3 - how many need earbuds? 
    Chromebooks with earbuds in cases stay docked at school Friday, Monday, Tuesday
    Trailblazers will test in P3. Students receiving accommodations will test with Mr. Wise in his classroom. 
    1 minute write: any topic...or the Spartan Party
    Time to write on your story while I continue writing conferences with students individually
    P5 needs to do exit slips
    Share the Google doc to me. Title the document STORY.
    Type your working title on the header.
    Exit slip (5 points):
    1. Your full name.
    2. The working title of your story. A working title is a temporary name for a project under development. The name is often changed when the project is finished. 
    3. The publisher you selected. Use the publisher links below (Monday) to find your publisher.
    Brain break options: 
    Read and/or take AR tests. Get those points, people.
    HW Write three (3) paragraphs of your story draft.
    Quiz over WWTW 16 - 20 tomorrow
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  • Writing Conferences. Short story drafting.

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/12/2018
    Last Friday wwtw quiz
    P3 Brentyn York
    P5 Karleenah, Hudson
    P9 Alexander Lozano
    5 minute write - any topic (Spartan Party would be a good one!)
    Today I plan to have a brief conference with each of you about your pro team letter.
    Start typing or handwriting a story with the goal of submitting it to one of the publishers shown yesterday.
    Exit slip (5 points):
    1. Your full name.
    2. The working title of your story. 
    3. The publisher you selected
    A working title is a temporary name for a project under development. The name is often changed when the project is finished.  
    Use the link from yesterday's lesson to find your publisher.
    Brain break options: 
    Read and/or take AR tests. Get those points, people.
    HW: Enjoy the Spartan "Partay"!
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  • You shall publish...and review vocab.

    Posted by Laura McCracken on 9/11/2018

    Review WWTW 16 - 20.

    Yesterday's hw turns into today's learning activity.

    Let's get real about writing. 

    5 minute TOPIC: Why do people write, anyway? Think about it. Write about it. 

    Where to Publish Writing by Kids

    15 Themed Submissions

    25 Publishers Always Open to New Submissions

    HW: click the above links and read a few of the publication options. This is happening.

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