• Elementary school:

    "UDL is important because it helps more students learn!"

    "UDL is FUN:) Because People Don't Learn The Same!"

    "UDL is important because teachers wouldn't know the different ways to teach students!"

    "That with barriers working is stressful and hard!"

    "I learned that there are many ways to learn!"

    "Because some kids prefer to learn different!"

    "I learned UDL is important because you need to use all 3 parts of the brain!"

    "Barriers are things that distract you from important things!"

    "UDL is something that tells you the best way to learn!"

    "UDL helps us learn and choose to take down our barriers!"

    "UDL is important because it helps students learn!"

    "I learned that I have 3 different parts of my brain connected to learning!"

    "UDL is a program to help make kids environments easier to learn in!"


    Middle school:

    A way of learning with different strategies!

    The importance of variety in order to learn!

    It is a way to express the information you are learning(teaching) in different ways!

    Learning the way of learning!

    UDL is a layout of the different, possible ways that people learn and that you can learn!!!!!!

    Different ways of processing your knowledge and learning!

    How to learn in environments by using different ways!

    UDL is helping form or teach people based on their level!


    UDL is the how, why and what of how you learn!

    Interactive learning!

    Different strategies for learning!

    The different ways people learn!

    UDL is learning information in different ways!

    What, how and why you learn!

    How you learn and how to use it!


    A way of displaying information differently!

    Helping kids get a better understanding of how they will learn!

    How you learn, what you understand and why people should care!!!!!!!!

    UDL is a better way of learning for both sides of the brain. It is important because it is for everyone!


     High school:

    UDL is important because UDL is a flexible way of learning. 

    UDL is a learning environment. You can use it in many ways when you teach. 

    It is important because it's about time someone did something about this. 

    UDL is how to teach. 

    UDL is important because it give you different options and ideas to teach. 

    UDL is the use of different learning styles to broadcast the information to all kids no matter their learning style. 

    UDL is reaching out to find out how people learn. 

    UDL is reaching out of your learning style to better educate the people around you. 

    UDL is a bit like PBL, learn through all your senses. 

    UDL is options on how to teach and how to learn.


Last Modified on December 3, 2013