• Medications at School


    - Indiana Law requires a written order form from a physician to be given to the school.
    A parents signature is also required.  Medication forms may be obtained in the  nurse’s
    office for your physician to sign.
    - Written permission from the parent/guardian is also required for over the  counter medications.   Medication forms are available in the nurse’s office
    for the parent/guardian to sign.
    - If a student has symptoms that require an over the counter medication (cough syrup,
    Tylenol, etc)   the nurse needs a signed medication form
    from the parent stating what the medication is and when it’s to be given, on record
    in the nurse’s office.
    - Cough drops are NOT permitted at school per BCSC policy.   They are a potential choking hazard.
    - All medications are kept locked in a medicine cabinet in the nurses office.
    - All medications must be in the original bottle when brought to school.  Medications
    must be brought to school by a parent or guardian.  Students may not bring medication
    to school on the bus or transported in their back packs.


Last Modified on April 23, 2018