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     Welcome to The Odyssey
     The Odyssey is a classic adventure story. It combines realistic components of historical events along with wildly imagined scenes of  fabulous places and creatures. Follow Odysseus, a great leader of courage and wit, as he pursues his goal of returning home after many years at war. The purpose of  your quest is to gather information on your own journey of discovery. These "journeys"  will ask you to complete a task which connect to the readings.
    Task One: Getting to know Homer
    Click on the link to answer questions about Homer (not Simpson).
    Task 2: Gods and Goddesses Quest
    Click on the link below to learn more about the Gods and Goddesses you will encounter.
     Task Three: Map It!
    Where is modern day Troy?
    Task Four: See It!
     The reconstruction of Troy. Check out the legends and explore. This is a great site!
     Task Five: What is an Odyssey?
     Answer the questions on your sheet with the following link:
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