• FitSmart 8

    Name:  Darren Baugh
    Email Address: baughd@bcsc.k12.in.us
    Phone number: 812-376-4286 Ext. 3023

    FitSmart 8 builds upon the content and concepts introduced in FitSmart 7 through continued practical application of information and skills learned.  Students will work to further improve their fitness levels, and have the opportunity for greater autonomy in meeting their own fitness goals.  In regards to nutrition, students will utilize the skills acquired in FitSmart 7 (reading nutrition labels, recognition of serving sizes and food groups) to analyze their current dietary intake, and have the chance to identify areas that may need improvement.   Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to research nutritional topics that have personal relevance, and prescribe an action plan/interactive display addressing those findings. 

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