• FitSmart 7

    Name: Darren Baugh
    Email Address: baughd@bcsc.k12.in.us
    Phone number: 812-376-4286 Ext. 3023

    FitSmart 7 is a class in which students are introduced to various fitness components, and fundamental nutritional concepts.  In regards to fitness, students will learn about aerobic and anaerobic exercise, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, target heart range, etc., and how the development of each component impacts overall fitness levels.  Nutritionally, students will learn the role each nutrient plays in bodily function, and from which foods sources each is provided.  Additionally, students will be afforded the opportunity to discern nutritional content in food and drink through practical application of nutrition labels, online resources, and visual references.

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Last Modified on January 7, 2018