Meet Mrs. Rawlins

    Mrs. Rawlins

    Welcome to the third grade at Parkside Elementary School! I will be your 3rd grade teacher. I am writing to tell you a little bit about myself. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Education, and have taught third grade for four consecutive years. Other grade levels taught are summer school for English Language Learners, sixth grade, and fourth grade at various schools in our corporation. This will be my seventh year teaching with BCSC. My daughters are 14, 13, and 7. I also have four cats, two turtles, and an Australian Bearded Dragon. My husband is the Director of Marketing & Admissions for a Senior Health Center. I like DIY crafts, gardening, and travel in my free time. I also like house projects, like redecorating and organizing.

            Teaching is my favorite because I like learning new things and sharing what I’ve learned every day! I enjoy working with students who love to learn! Some of my favorite topics to teach are: geology, Native American culture, algebra, and historical/science fiction.

            I have enclosed the revised school supply list, as our needs are different from the BCSC supply list. Please bring these supplies in on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 8. The Parkside school day is 8:00 a.m. to 2:37 p.m. Also, in our classroom, we will use a white, 2-inch wide binder and a black, 1-inch binder. You will be using both binders on the very first day of school, so be sure to have the right color AND size!

    If you have questions about the school year, please message me through ClassDojo. ClassDojo is my primary way of communication because it’s fast, easy, response times are non-comparable to any other way of communication, and it’s like a “one-stop-shop.” Behavior reports, attendance, communication one-on-one and reading through our class story are quick to view, as well as receiving .pdf files of important classroom information that you may have misplaced in paper form.


    I am busy getting our classroom ready for you. I hope you are getting ready to come, too. We will be doing lots of wonderful and exciting things this year including presenting projects, singing, making crafts, playing games, study trips, and making new friends.


    Please, ask your parents to bring you to Parkside Elementary School’s “Open House” on Tuesday, August 7th, from 5:30-6:30p.m. Be sure to come to room 119 (that’s our room)! You will get to see me, tour the classroom, find your special place to sit in the classroom, get to meet some old friends, and make some new friends. You can find me at the entrance of our classroom so that I can be sure to greet everyone that walks in our door.


    I look forward to seeing you very soon! Our classroom is waiting for you!


    Your Third Grade Teacher,


    Mrs. Rawlins