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    Television Studio Course Descriptions

    Radio/Television Production I
    Open to Grades 9-12
    1 Semester, 1 Credit

    This introductory course provides experience and skills necessary to function individually or in groups as a crew member in a major television studio or remote production. This television production course will also introduce camera, graphics and beginning editing skills. Laboratory exercises in the television studio and control room, field trips, and guest lectures will provide a broad range of television experience.

    Radio/Television Production II
    Open to Grades 9-12
    1 Semester, 1 Credit
    Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Radio/Television Production I

    This advanced course in television production focuses on even more creative telecommunications activities. Students will make presentations involving special effects, electronic graphics, computer editing and producing/directing original programming.
    Olympian Flame
    Open to Grades 11-12
    2 Semesters, 1 or 2 Credits per semester
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Radio/Television Prod. I & II, Teacher Invite Only

    Individuals and student groups will create and present a student/school community morning news program.  Students will help to write, graphically design, shoot, organize, and use all the telecommunications computer technologies involved with the creation of a morning newscast.  Students will explore related career options through field trips to commercial broadcasting outlets.

    Dual Credit Agreement: Vincennes University MDIA 140 video production 1 or MCOM 102 (both 3 credits). All course requirements must be met. These credits will count toward the requirements of the Indiana Technical Honors Diploma.
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