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    Sight Words

    Sight Words

    Sight Words Flash Cards is designed to develop pre-reading skills such as recognizing common words by sight and sound.
    Sight Words Flash Cards are divided into 4 categories: Pre-primary, kindergarten, 1st grade & 2nd grade. Each grade has an accompanying Question Mode to test and enhance reading skills.
    Repetition is the key to learning! By simply clicking on the flag button provided in each flashcard, kids or parents can add difficult words to the practice list for revision at a later time.

    Grade1 Math


    Splash Math is a fun and innovative way to practice math. With 13 chapters covering over 185 math skills and an endless supply of problems, it is by far the most comprehensive math workbook in the app store.

    ★ WINNER of "Best Elementary Student App" (2011), by BestAppEver.com
    ★ Featured in Apple's "Staff Favorite"
    ★ Featured in New and Noteworthy

    StudyPad has the best math apps on the app store. Each app is comprehensive with virtually infinite number of questions covering wide range of topics. The content is aligned to common core standards. This app covers following topics:

    1. Place Value - Ones; Tens; Numbers to 100
    2. Number Sense - Counting; Compare numbers; Order numbers
    3. Addition Concepts - Sentences; Add with models; Model part-part whole; Add 0; Add in any order; Make a number
    4. Subtraction Concepts - Sentences; Subtract with models; Subtract 0; all; Take apart numbers; Subtract to compare
    5. Addition Strategy - Count on; Double facts; Make a ten; Add three numbers; Add numbers to 10; Word problems
    6. Subtraction Strategy - Sentences; Relate addition; Fact families; Numbers to 10; Word problems
    7. Addition and Subtraction - Equivalent sentences; Fact families; Mixed operations
    8. Two Digit Operations - Add tens; Add ones; Two digit subtraction
    9. Data and Graphs - Pictographs; Tally charts; Bar graphs
    10. Time - Read analog and digital clocks
    11. Money - Identify coins; Count coins
    12. Addition Refresher - Add 0; Add 1; Add 2; Add 3; Add 4; Add 5; Add 6; Add 7; Add 8; Add 9
    13. Subtraction Refresher - Subtract 0; Subtract 1; Subtract 2; Subtract 3; Subtract 4; Subtract 5; Subtract 6; Subtract 7; Subtract 8; Subtract 9

    ★ LITE version - Limit of 20 questions per day

    Build a Word Express
    Build A Word Express - Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names


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    **Dolch's Sight Word List and more +create your own SPELLING lists**
    *** Option: Spelling Lists vs. Phonics Spelling Lists ***

    ► option to create a list of spelling words (type in the new word and record your voice)!
    ► Built-In Phonics Lists with separate lists for word families
    ► Built-In Spelling Lists with separate lists for Long Vowels …, Dolch’s Word Lists (Primer, …)
    ►audio and/or visual prompt
    ► PROFESSIONAL narration or child’s narration
    ► three modes: Learn, Practice and Test (quiz)
    ► upper or lower case letters
    ► optional Montessori-style color coding of vowels and consonants
    ► immediate sound feedback heard upon tapping the correct/incorrect letter
    ► positive reinforcement lowers affective filters making learning a more engaging and enjoyable process
    ► focus is put on letter recognition, word recognition, as well as on word/letter association
    ► ACCESSIBILITY options to for VISUALLY impaired and those struggling with fine motor skills
    ► option for custom made features for special needs students
    ► child proof SETTINGS button (press and hold)

    Build A Word Spelling – School Edition Application helps children as young as three learn how to spell. Children are motivated through positive reinforcement in the form of a fun balloon popping game (optional) offered after each successfully "written" word.
    Monster Squeeze
    McGraw-Hill’s Monster Squeeze game reinforces number recognition and offers a quick and easy way to practice number line concepts and number comparisons. This two-player game runs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

    Players take turns finding the secret number on a number line. In each round, the monster designates a secret number on a number line. Players try to guess this number by clicking one of the numbers. If the number chosen is larger than the secret number, that number and all larger numbers on the number line are covered by the monster. If the number chosen is smaller than the secret number, that number and all smaller numbers on the number line are covered by the monster. Players take turns clicking numbers until one of them identifies the secret number and wins the round. There are a total of 5 rounds in a game.

    Features of Monster Squeeze:
    - 2 players (for extra practice, a single player can play as Player 1 and Player 2)
    - 5 competitive rounds of play
    - Practices number line concepts and comparisons of numbers
    - Customizable number lines: available number lines from 1 to 10, 5 to 15, 10 to 20, 15 to 25, and 20 to 30
    - Full tutorial
    - Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
    phonics awareness

    Bugbrained Apps = Whimsical, interactive experiences based on educational standards

    Phonics Awareness, 1st Grade Reading, is a fun way for your child to learn core phonics. Bugs are used to add whimsy and help in the teaching. This tutorial is highly interactive, giving your 1st grader a chance to relate to phonics on a personal level and get instant feedback on how they are doing.

    This course was created by educational professionals, including reading specialists, with over 30 years of experience working with struggling readers.

    * Learning through animation, sound and touch.
    * Bugs do the teaching to add fun and whimsy.
    * The “Check Yourself” section tests your child’s learning and shows you the scores.
    * Tutorial format guides your child through the activities.
    * Games add to the fun.
    * Based on the Common Core Standards for 1st Graders.
    *Give your child a head start on first grade literacy.
    * Correct answers get immediate and consistent praise while wrong answers simply ask them to try again.
    *Multi-sensory learning creates a high degree of interactivity through voice, written words and animations.
    *Fun bug graphics holds your child’s attention.
    * Personalized feedback every step of the way. 
    Rocket Speller PLUS
    Rocket Speller
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