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    How do I get information on what is going on with the band?

    YAHOO group. You MUST be on the YAHOO group to keep up with the various band activities,fundraising events and miscellaneous information. Please send your email address to ColEastHSBandBoosters@yahoogroups.com and ask to be added, or give any board member your email address.

    When on the Yahoo group emails, please remember when you hit “reply” you areresponding to ALL of us. So when it’s appropriate, please respond to the specific person or in the manner they are requesting. During the busy marching season you will see what we mean, when you get flooded with emails.
    From the Columbus East HS Band Booster YAHOO site main page, click Membership | Edit Membership toaccess all things related to membership. You will find on the page the following links:
    Manage your identity
         -         Mask your email address or Yahoo ID from your fellow group members with an alias
         -         Change the email address that you are using for the group

    Subscription preferences

         -         Change how frequently you receive group emails
         -         Leave/unsubscribe from your group (only if you have left the Band program!)
    What is and why do we Fair Share?

    The school system does not fund anywhere close to our budget. It is up to each band program to determine and raise their own operating budget. Fair Share was initiated to give each family an opportunity to pay for their student’s budgeted portion by either fund raising or writing a check. Fair share is defined as each band or guard member’s portion of thetotal budget that must be raised for the school year (total budget divided by total members equals each student’s Fair Share).

    In an effort to make certain that all families are contributing their Fair Share amount, a payment schedule was developed. As with any budget, knowing when to pay and how much needs to be paid keeps everything and everyone on track. 


    Some students are considered a full Fair Share and some are considered a half Fair Share.  A full Fair Share is defined as a student who marches with the marching band during their competition season.  A half Fair Share is defined as a student who is NOT in marching band, but is in one of the other musical groups (symphonic, concert, jazz, etc.). If a student did not march, but is participating in Winter Guard or Winter Percussion, they too would be a half Fair Share. 8th grade marchers are half shares.

    We do our very best as a group to provide you with any and every fundraising opportunity we can to help offset this cost. At the beginning of the year, the board will set the fair share amount based on the budget needed and the number of students participating. We will also provide a payment schedule to help you break out this amount into 3 payments. At anytime you have questions about your fair share, please do not hesitate to contact the student accounts person.
    Is my child a half-share if they do guard for marching and winter?

    NO. All participants in marching season are considered a full share (unless you are in the 8th grade)

    When is the money due and how can I pay it?

    Your account needs to be paid in full in May. We take the amount and break it into 3 payments for you, November 1st (invoice issued October 15), February 1st (invoice issued January 15) & May 15th (invoice issued May 1). If you would prefer just to write a check and have it done, you may do so at any time. We ask that you please try to keep your account current so we can keep the program running smoothly.

    If I have earned all my amount should I keep offering to help?

    YES!! A lot of us will earn over our amounts, this“extra” all goes to our general fund to help with all the expenses. You may “donate” your extra amount to another student family if you choose. You need to speak with the student account person. On a trip year, when your fair share has been met, any extra you earn will be put towards your trip fees IF your student is going.

    If I go over my amount due can I carry it over to next year?

    NO. We never carry amounts to next year. If you are paid in full by May 1stthen any fundraisers we do after that date will be forwarded to your next year account. (We must have your check in hand by May 3rd) There are no exceptions to this rule. If your account is NOT paid in full, any May fundraisers will be credited towards your total due for the current school year.

    Can the boosters pay me back any extra I have earned?

    NO. We do not pay you back for any extra you might have earned; this all is put in the general fund to help the program. During the years that the East Band takes a trip, you may raise trip costs through fund raising. However, this is only possible once Fair Share has been met. Therefore,you may need to make a few trip payments while raising your Fair Share. If by trip time you have raised your Fair Share and your trip costs through fund raising, you will receive a refund ofthe trip money that you paid inexcess of the total trip cost. This refund will be paid at the end of the school year. This is the ONLY time we will “refund” you any money.

    Can I pay my BCSC book fees with any extra I have earned?

    NO. We cannot pay any fees due to BCSC on behalf of your child.

    If I am paid in full in January can I start earning towards next year?

    NO. We do not allow anyone to start on next year's fees until after May 1st. This is primarily done for book keeping (remember all the board members have jobs and families too) and we need all the spring fundraisers to help “fill” in any financial holes we might be experiencing.

    Do you get free fair share for being on the board?

    NO. The only perk of being on the board is helping the program run the best of its abilities. The board members are just volunteer parents and pay all of their fair share and trip costs like anyone else.

    How do I join the board?

    If you are interested in a board position, we encourage you to do a ton of volunteering during the year to get a “feel” for it and also make your interests known to any of the board members or directors.

    What is the difference between volunteering & fundraising events?

    Any event where the Boosters are receiving money is considered a fundraising event.

    Chaperone- just hang out with the students to make sure the behavior is appropriate and get a free ride to the competition and sometimes you might even get free admission.

    Donating food items on Football Game Days and Saturday competitions - We feed the students on game day Fridays and Competition days.  You will see a yahoo email go out with a VolunteerSpot URL.  We will provide a listing of different food items we need that day. Then at the appropriate time, you will drop your item off at East. It’s really that simple! Obviously some times the drop off time for the items will change, each competition is different. Actually we do A LOT of food donations so don’t be shy about signing up. The more “we” the parents donate the less the band pays for and helps to keep our fair share lower.

    Making the lunch/dinner for the students- This entails showing up at school at the designated time to put together sandwiches or help serve the food that day. This is usually fairly quick (couple of hours tops) and it’s a great wayto get to know some different parents.

    Props - We use parents to build our props. Then we need parents to also participate at the competitions to put the props into place. Getting the props on and off the field in a quick manner is important to our overall show. Sometimes you might be asked to move the props during a football game or rehearsal. You can miss a weekend or two if you get someone to fill in for you.

    Pit - We need parents to be “helpers” to our children in the pit when moving their equipment on and off the field for competitions. Sometimes you might be asked to move the pit equipment during a football game or rehearsal. Forthe props and pit, we will always have a “veteran” parent there to help guide and teach you, so please do not feel intimidated to offer and help.

    Uniform helper - You would be responsible for helping the children with their uniforms at every competition and football game evening. These parents make sure the uniforms are put back correctly, do they need some sewing/repairs. This is a huge time commitment.

    We try to offer as many opportunities as we can. Below is a brief listing of different fundraisers and how they work. If you have an idea for a fundraiser or would like to help with any of these, please let us know. For most of the events like picnics and district, if you have a family member or friend who would like to work along with you earns additional funds towards your child’s account.
    Chicken Booth at the County Fair. You can sign up to work certain shifts. Students can also work. We then divide the amount given to us based on sales by the number of hours worked.  
    Spring flowers, Fall mums, Poinsettias (sometimes). Each plant is pre-sold and you will receive a certain amount per plant.
    Picnics (if offered). We are hired by a third party company to do all the work for a picnic. This includes setting up booths, food, etc. We then work the day of the event and clean up. Again the money total is divided equally among the workers based on hours worked.
    Discount Cards. This is like a year long coupon program. It looks like a credit card and has 15 or so local restaurants that offer variousdiscounts. You sell these cards and make approx $8.00 per card towards your fair share. 
    Kiwanis Duck Sales. Fundraiser based on the number of “ducks” you sell.

    Candle Sales, Cookie Dough, Car Washes. Standard fundraisers.

    SCRIP Cards. This is a program where you pre-purchase a“gift card” or vendor card to a store that is on the list, then a percentage of that amount goes towards your fair share. For example you could purchase a Marsh or Kroger card then every week when you buy groceries a percentage is going towards your fair share. Just think you have to buy food anyway so why not get some kind of profit from it. To sign up you will need to fill out an order form (in the band hallway) and turn it into the Scrip Coordinator on Thursday nights. You can also order and pay online by going to http://www.shopwithscrip.com.

    Bingo. This is generally done by our board members since all the names, license & Social Security Numbers must be sent in advance for the bingo license. The board members working that evening are responsible for donating all the food and drinks for the evening.

    SALUTE. East or North programs serve food and beverage during the Salute concert downtown.
    Can my younger children work at some of the events?

    Each event that we need workers for will have its own rules on younger children. Please always check the Yahoo site for specific information or contact the event coordinator.

    What is the Extravaganza Evening?

    This is our big fundraiser evening for the whole band. We pre-sell food tickets for a lovely dinner. The guests will enjoy the jazz &symphonic bands playing while they have dinner. The dinner is served by our students and the kitchen help is parent volunteers. We also have a silent auction and the winter guard & winter percussion have performances.

    How does a trip year work?

    The directors will secure a trip destination and itinerary for the students. We usually have this information available in the fall. Once the destination is set, information will be sent out and there will be an informative meeting. This will help you determine if your child (and you/if you’d like to chaperone) will be attending. The trips are in the Spring. On each of the trips we do our very best to give the students opportunities to perform. This makes it and educational experience. The trips are usually about $1,000 to $1,300. This is paid in addition to your fair share. As mentioned above, you can earn money towards your trip once your fair share amount has been covered. We always need chaperones so please join your child in this experience and make some wonderful memories.

    What is winter guard & winter percussion?

    These programs generally are done by director invitation but a student can request to participate. It will be at the sole discretion of the director if there are slots available. Both of these programs start right after marching season and go to spring break. Your child MUST be available during spring break to participate.

    Parents, please do not hesitate to ask questions. This FAQ is a work in progress, so if you have questions or comments, please contact me:
    Jennifer Villiger dan.villiger@sbcglobal.net
    We the board are here to help YOU and make this a wonderful experience!
Last Modified on May 26, 2016