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    History of Family School Partners

    *In existence since 1988
    *Previously funded through Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation from grant monies and the general fund.
    *In 2004 allocations from the general fund ended
    *With local foundation funding for four years (through 2007-08 school year) program has continued.
    Why is continuation of Family School Partners important? 
    *by kindergarten 90% of a child"s brain is developed
    *A high correlation exists between a child"s vocabulary development at age 3 and his standardized test performance in reading comprehension in grade 3.
    *Children who fall behind in first grade have a one in eight chance of ever catching up to grade level (juel, 1994)
    *Every $1 invested in high-quality early care and education saves $7.16 in welfare, special education and criminal justice costs (National Institute for Early Education Research, 2003)
    *Long-term studies of Early Childhood Development participants have found:
              -Higher levels of verbal, mathmatical and intellectual achievement
              -Fewer teenage parents
              -Higher employment and earnings
              -Less welfare dependency
               (From "Exceptional Returns - Economic, Fiscal, and Socail Benefits of Investment in Early Childhood Development" by Robert G. Lynch for Economic Policy Institute 2004)
    *Family School Partners is the only program in Bartholomew County that:
              -is home based
              -prepares at risk parents for a life long commitment to their child"s education
              -builds a foundation for student success in school.


Last Modified on March 5, 2013