Through home visits twice monthly, parent educators assist parents in setting a stimulating, nurturing home environment through the use of curricular materials appropriate for children from birth to age five with the goal that the child enters school developmentally prepared for success. 
     The parent educators:
    *Build relationships with families
    *Share materials, strategies and activities that encourage parent-child interaction
    *Model parenting skills and education activities that enhance child development
    *Share information on community family activities
    *Connect families with community agencies based on family needs
    *Promote early intervention opportunities for children as needed
    *Assist parents in securing preschool opportunities for their children
    *Monitor children's development of language/literacy, numeracy, motor, and social-emotional skills
    *Share information and materials in support of the transition to kindergarten
    *Provide opportunities for parents to network
    *Offer enrichment activities through outings   
                                            Family School Partners is a United Way Certified Agency
Last Modified on March 5, 2013