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    2017-2018 Band Information and Updates: 

    ISSMA Contest for Saturday April 5 is canceled for NMS bands.

    7th and 8th-grade bands,

    After careful and thoughtful reflection on our unprecedented circumstances, Central & Northside Bands (and Choirs) have made a decision to cancel our ISSMA performances. First, I spoke with Columbus Police this morning and while they expect some more roads will open by tomorrow, they obviously cannot guarantee that –this means we likely would not have a full ensemble present to perform and we would not want to put anyone who couldn’t make it in a position where they felt as if they let our group down. Second, the vast majority of our 8th-graders have had no instrument and music for 3 days and the 7th-grade has met only once as a full ensemble to prepare –also, there is no built in “rehearsal” time on the day of contest. These are not the proper circumstances to create the foundation for a rewarding experience.

    *Please help spread the word to any band member you know who does not have internet access.

    I am in the process of looking at ways to celebrate your musical achievement, of which I have been very impressed!

    *Because this announcement affects the way we have planned our eLearning experience, I will also post an update to our eLearning situation for today and the past 2 days by 11 AM.

    ~Mr. Marks

    Change of Dates.:

    We've had to move the BCSC 50th Anniversary Band Spectacular date to Monday, May 14th at CNHS at 6:30 PM (concert start time).  The move was required due to the prior date landing within the ISTEP testing window, which we did not know about prior to the beginning of the year.  During the school day on the 14th we will be busing all of our band students, grade 6 to 12, over to North for rehearsals.  In addition, because the new date of the Spectacular Concert is so close to our NMS end-of-year concert (May 22), we are cancelling that end-of-year concert, which we have done before when the Spectacular lands this close.  We will be performing Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture as our mass band piece at the Spectacular.  We've decided to make this our traditional ending to the concert, this way students will be able to move up in parts as they progress from 6th through 12th grade.


    Students, Check itslearning and Your Grades and Your Mailbox Each School Day: 

    I'll send information to you to help you become a better musician and student.  In addition, you should log in to PowerSchool each day at some point to double-check your grades for each class.  Teachers sometimes make errors in recording grades, and if you see an error, please let the teacher know so that we can make the appropriate adjustment.  In addition, this is the place where you can see your upcoming assignments for all of your classes.  Be sure to check your mailbox every school day for communication or new music that you may be receiving.

    Band School Supply List for 2017-2018: 

    Please read the supply list carefully, it is very specific and the details for each item are very important to insuring that each student enjoys success and contributes positively to each rehearsal.

    (1) Band instrument (percussionists need a full bell/pad kit, not just a practice pad or snare drum).  Every instrument case must have a name tag attached at all times.  We have tags (free) here in the band room.
    (2) Essential Elements Interactive Book 2 (for your instrument) --we will have these for you to purchase at Northside ($8.99 for winds; $16.99 for percussion; no tax).
    (3) A half-inch  (1/2") hard-cover 3-ring binder and 20 plastic sleeves to go in the binder --this is how you will organize your music.  The one-inch binders are far more common, but binders wider than 1/2" do not fit in the students' binder storage shelves without breaking the shelves!  The binder can be any color with or without a clear plastic front cover.
    (4) Three No. 2 pencils --not mechanical pencils because they do not write well on our stands.  Put one pencil in your binder, one in your case, and one in your binder shelf.  Pencils must have erasers and must be sharpened prior to class.
    (5) All 7th-grade clarinets and saxophones need four #2.5 strength reeds.  Our bookstore sells the recommended brand, which is Vandoren --other brands are acceptable, as long as the strength is #2.5.
    The website www.bcscbands.org which will be used for information pertaining to all band members in BCSC.  Links to all BCSC directors and each high school can also be found there.
    The Northside Bookstore:
    Many of the items you need for band, including plastic sleeves (10-cents each), are available right here at Northside.  In addition, you can purchase clarinet and saxophone reeds, brass lubricants, and drumsticks all here at the bookstore, which is open from 7:30 to noon each school day.  The price list will be updated at the start of each school year.
    Online Musical Dictionary:


    The following link will take you off the BCSC website.  This links to an excellent online resource for researching musical terms:  www.music.vt.edu/musicdictionary/
    Suggested Tools for Successful Practice at Home:
    When practicing at home, the most essential ingredient is a music stand.  Most students received one of these with their starter packs last year.  If you need a music stand, a student-model can be ordered from Paige's Music (1-800-382-1099); Paige's delivers items to our school every Tuesday.  A tuner & metronome combination (Korg TM-40; about $33) for wind players, and a metronome (Matrix MR500; about $24) for percussionists are also important tools to help students refine their sense of pitch and pulse.  If you need these items, you can order them through Paige's Music, but before you do, please read about SmartMusic, which is software that includes both of these items.  Another excellent tool is Notepad by Finale, which is FREE software that allows students to notate, hear, and print their own musical compositions (you can read more about this software below).
    Free Music Notation Software:
    The Finale Notepad software allows you to notate, hear, and print out your own compositions.  The software is free from Finale.  Just go to www.finalemusic.com/notepad  to download.  Be sure to get parental permission first.

    What Would Beethoven Say?
    What could be better than heading to the symphony for an evening of Beethoven?  Possibly this stirring rendition done in flash-mob style!  Click the picture to follow the external link.
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Last Modified on April 6, 2018