• Trailblazer Team

    Classroom Expectations: Ms. Bonam expects that students will follow Northside’s PBIS expectations in her classroom.


    In TrailBlazer Social Studies, students should ACT RESPONSIBLY BY:

    • Being seated and quiet in their assigned seats when the bell rings
    • Reading the daily agenda and copying down assignments in the Blue Books when class begins


    In TrailBlazer Social Studies, students should BE RESPECTFUL BY:

    • Remaining in their seats throughout class unless instructed otherwise
    • Always raising their hands and talking only when permitted


    In TrailBlazer Social Studies, students should COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY BY:

    • Working cooperatively with others
    • Asking Ms. Bonam questions and clarifying any confusions


    It is important that students do no disrupt the learning process of their classmates. If the classroom PBIS expectations are not followed, Ms. Bonam will take appropriate action and students will face consequences for their actions.


    Outline of Yearly Units and Topics (Subject To Change)


    1st 9 Weeks

    2nd 9 Weeks

    3rd 9 Weeks

    4th 9 Weeks

    August: 5 Themes of Geography Unit

    -Map Reading Skills

    -5 Themes of Geography (Location, Place, Movement, Human/Environment Interaction, Region)

    September-October: China Country Unit


    -Ancient Civilizations

    -Philosophies: Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism

    -Religions: Buddhism

    -British Imperialism

    -Mao Zedong’s China

    -Literature Connection: The Red Scarf Girl

    October-November: Japan Country Unit


    -Ancient Civilizations

    -Religions: Shintoism

    -Feudal Japan Era

    -Meiji Restoration

    -Japan in WWII

    December: Current Event Mini Unit

    -In the short weeks leading up to Winter Break, students will learn how to analyze current events through a variety of media. Students will also learn how to use the “historical perspective” to critically examine evidence for both current and past events.

    January-February: Middle East Region Unit


    -Ancient Civilizations

    -Religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam

    -Islamic Empires

    -Current Regional Conflicts

    February-March: Sub-Saharan Africa Region Unit


    -Ancient Empires

    -Slavery and British Imperialism

    -Current Regional Issues

    -Literature Connection: A Long Walk to Freedom

    March-April: India Country Unit


    -Ancient Civilizations

    -Religion: Hinduism

    -British Imperialism

    -India’s Independence Movement

    April-May: Australia Country Unit


    -Aboriginal Culture

    -British Imperialism

    -Modern Australia